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24/7 Access to the "My Classroom RULES! Tool Box - This online members-only area will give you the dynamic tools of the trade (rarely discussed in most professional development programs). It includes the Inspired Success Classroom Assessment in order for you to intrinsically motivate your students and truly move them to the next level so they can get the results you need them to get on their tests, and in their lives as lifetime learners. It also includes the recordings from all of our monthly “Motivation Monday" calls, as well as coaching tools and printables that can be used both in and out side of the classroom!  Site is updated monthly.

Monthly "Thrive Thursday" Mentor Call - We don't want you to just survive your job. We want you to thrive! On the 1st Thursday of each month, you'll be invited to join us for live coaching  and discussion of some of the pitfalls you're experiencing in your classrooms and what to do about them, especially when it comes to your more difficult students. Some calls may feature conversations with master teachers who are using the tools shared in My Classroom RULES!, and you can ask them about what's been working for them. These calls are also opportunities for us to share some ways that we can keep ourselves motivated and inspired, both in and outside the classroom so we can all do your job with less stress! (All calls are recorded and archived in the Inspired Educators Tool Box for your convenience).

Contests and Challenges - Our members may participate in fun and engaging challenges throughout the year to help motivate you and your class to success! Yes, there are prizes to be won!


Inspired Skill Builder Gauntlet- Every month, you will have the opportunity to visit our virtual classroom where we will focus on one to two motivation strategies from our programs that we will practice amongst peers to up-level your ability to use it effectively in your classroom with your students.


Motivation Rejuvenation Trips- You need rest and relaxation to keep you excited and productive throughout the year, and in the summer when school is out.  As a member, you'll be invited to join us on our yearly motivation rejuvenation trips where we can let our hair down and take the stress off in a fun and relaxing way!

You will receive an email from us shortly with details about your membership, so check your email.  If you don't see an email from us within 24 hours, contact us at

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