The Inspired Educators Club Enrollment is Closed

so we can focus our attention on making our teachers even more amazing than they already are!

[Doors Open - August 2020]

Dré Cleveland, M.S.Ed., C.E.C., D.Ms. known as Your Personal POWER Coach, is a Brooklyn, NY native, an educational consultant, and a Certified Empowerment Coach (C.E.C.). She is also the author of three books, including The Power Players Guide to Playing Powerfully in the Game of Life (for Kids). Dré has been a NYC educator for 20 years, and caters to under-served school districts with the express and sole purpose of taking them to a new plateau of thinking and creating in their schools and in their lives. Currently, Dré provides coaching and training programs for elementary and middle school educators in the NYC Public School System as well as in school districts, education-based, and non-profit organizations across the country on how to motivate and inspire children to success from the inside-out, while teaching their teachers how to do the same for themselves.

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