"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."


-William Arthur Ward



Your teachers have an awesome task to complete – making sure our students are prepared to meet the Common Core Standards.  Period.  It all seems pretty simple in terms of implementation.  Yes.  That’s before you include the Common Core Obstacles that many teachers encounter in the classroom in terms of dealing with negative behavior in the classroom, or students that just don’t seem that interested in school or learning! Those obstacles are directly related to another city-wide goal of strengthening teacher effectiveness and practice, and we don’t have room to ignore its importance. 


 After all, how can any teacher get their students to meet the proposed standards if their classroom culture and environment don’t support that happening successfully?  That inspiring environment AND teacher are the key ingredient in giving your students the opportunity to meet their goals both academically and personally. 


Here is how we can help.


MISSON: MOTIVATE!: Inspire Increased Student Engagment and Motivation in 5 Weeks or Less!


Your teachers will participate in a full day LIVE workshop experience, and/or have access to our online virtual course that integrates the modeling of best practices in positive behavior and classroom management, together with insights from the perspective of our background in life and success coaching, to help teachers to create an atmosphere for learning that draws out the potential both in their students and themselves as their teacher.


Their mission, should they choose to accept it, is: To increase student engagement and performance by 50-70% in 5 weeks or less, so they can help ALL of their students perform better and fall in love with learning, all while reconnecting to their own personal power in the classroom -- with less stress.  As a participant in this session, they will discover the ONLY 5 steps they need in order to make that happen, both inside and outside of the classroom.



1. Design the Vision

  • -Create a vision of their perfect classroom, so they can design the road map to make that vision come to life, effortlessly.

  • -Discover the most powerful version of themselves, who will be equipped to step right into the vision they have created for their classroom (and for any other area of their life where they expect to see different results!)

  • -Set powerful intentions around what they want to create for their students, and for themselves, both in and outside of the classroom.

2. Create the Connection

  • -Explore the art of creating instant connection and rapport with any student, so they can easily draw the best out of them.

  • -Examine how their own beliefs about their students, and even about themselves as their teacher, may be stopping them from creating genuine connection with them (and how to transform those beliefs to welcome in new possibilities of communication and connection with them).

  • -Understand students' needs and how their ability to cater to those needs can increase  connection 100 fold.

3. Solidify Great Expectations

  • -Distinguish the difference between values and rules, and how that difference can turn the behavioral tide in the classroom.

  • -Master the art of creating clear and attainable expectations and procedures in their classroom, and effective modeling to help students "get it right."

  • -Discover and implement the least invasive ways to deal with student misbehavior and focus issues to increase engagement and participation.

  • -Understand how expectation brings about your greatest desires and how to use it to get what they want out of students consistently.

4. Build Their Arsenal

  • ​-Learn a fun and creative way to help students set and reach goals in their classroom, so they are clamoring to achieve their own personal and academic missions every day.

  • -Develop a toolbox of motivation strategies that will make their class fun and engaging on the outside, as they are working have to motivate their students from the inside.

  • -Embrace the power of giving student's choices in the classroom to increase self-motivation and personal performance.

5. Master Their Mission

  • -Access the power of emotion to understand where their students (and they) are energetically, at any given moment, and how to shift the energy in the room to create massive results.

  • -Train their students to create powerful conversations with themselves and with others through positive self-talk and possibility thinking to influence the results the will be able to get in the classroom, and in life.

  • -Identify and accentuate students' natural gifts in the classroom, so that they learn to use them to forward their educational goals and lend them to the community they are building in their classroom.



An amazing addition to the My Classroom RULES! brand is the private online community for educators called The Inspired Educators Club.  We provide additional on-going support throughout the school year.  As members of this distinguished group of professionals, your staff will have access to unique and motivating on-going support via telephone, and via our members only site to assist them in implementing all of the processes, skills, and tools they will learn in the workshop regarding what it takes to be able to motivate even the most difficult students so that they can effectively meet the Common Core Standards. 


Our program is unique because it integrates a level of accountability that many programs can’t offer with just a simple workshop or non-interactive website.  The educators who have had to opportunity to work directly with us have truly embraced participation and have been implementing many of the tools we’ve discussed into their practice with success, and we celebrate them!


Here is a look at some of the support features available to your staff:


  • Thrive Thursday Monthly Mentor Calls and Skill Builders

  • Monthly Printable Worksheets and Coaching Processes for Students and Teachers

  • Fun and Motivating Challenges to Boost Motivation

  • And MORE!


The value of this program will prove itself to be priceless because we work on deep levels with your teachers to well equip them for being the most effective educators who will get amazing results year after year!

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Dré Cleveland, M.S.Ed., C.E.C., D.Ms. known as Your Personal POWER Coach, is a Brooklyn, NY native, an educational consultant, and a Certified Empowerment Coach (C.E.C.). She is also the author of three books, including The Power Players Guide to Playing Powerfully in the Game of Life (for Kids). Dré has been an educator for 20 years, and caters to under-served school districts with the express and sole purpose of taking them to a new plateau of thinking and creating in their schools and in their lives. Currently, Dré provides coaching and training programs for elementary and middle school educators in the NYC Public School System as well as in school districts, education-based, and non-profit organizations across the country on how to motivate and inspire children to success from the inside-out, while teaching their teachers how to do the same for themselves.

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