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From the Desk of: Dr. Dré Cleveland, M.S.Ed., C.E.C., D.Ms.

Thank you for grabbing your free audio, "Motivating Your Students to Success...Even the Difficult Ones," to help you boost student motivation and performance in your classroom! It's time to play this game at a higher level than you've ever played it before, and  I'm ready to show you how!





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Hi! I'm Dr. Dré Cleveland, the creator of My Classroom RULES!, an innovative brand designed primarily for educators in school districts with a high concentration of "at risk" students to be able to motivate and inspire their students from the inside out.


I am super excited that you are here, and that you are an educator who understands that it takes something very special to be able to motivate and inspire a child to want to succeed...especially when it's a student that doesn't jump to answer questions, do homework, or even come to school on a regular basis. That even goes for those who are flat out disrespectful and could seem to care less about your efforts to get them to learn.


Let me tell you, I've met all of those kids during my 20 years as an educator, and I'm excited about sharing with you what I found works...and what didn't when it came to taking my students where they needed to go...even when they didn't want to at first.  


I'm excited to be in this with you!  The first step is this free audio.  I hope you enjoy it because it will definitely help you out.  Remember there is more where that came from!

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Get this complimentary audio course, "Motivating Your Students to Success..Even the Difficult Ones",which is designed to give you insights on how to motivate even the most difficult students in your class with less stress and better results!

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